Inspired by the challenges and opportunities that Companies face in their value chains, which are sometimes complex and considered unplannable, Op2B has contributed for almost 2 decades to capturing expressive, tangible and recurring gains.

We live in an increasingly complex, competitive and volatile market. With our VCM Suite® computing platform and our experienced pragmatism in business optimization applied to concrete business challenges, we can develop strategies adherent to the context of each Client. Supporting decision-making, strongly adhering to business objectives; Operations and Markets, our approach ranges from the lack of (pre)visibility based on total profitability of the business, through planning often perceived as not feasible, lack of tools that assist in the evaluation of various scenarios, to challenging tax planning.

With our computational technology we help: to (re)design the value chain, bringing support to the integrated planning process, support to the Market Intelligence & Competitiveness processes foundations for the construction of the Business Digital Twin.

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With a team with international experience and decades of business pragmatism, Op2B optimizes in an innovative way, the operational and financial-tax variables in its proprietary computational platform of modeling-optimization VCM Suite® with its derivations focused on some other Vertical Markets such as VCane® and VCFlour®.

This integrated and simultaneous approach contemplates several dimensions of the business (capacities, costs and revenues) end-to-end, covering from Suppliers to the Consumer Market, through productive and logistical assets, capturing the main trade-offs of the business, maximizing its contribution margins and/or minimizing its total value chain costs.

Technologies of surveillance robots and extractors of large masses of data available on the internet, statistical techniques, from big data to machine learning, complete our integrated technological portfolio associated with unique methodologies that have profoundly transformed the value chains of our Clients.

Served Sectors

Several Vertical Markets are served by our Solutions, such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals and Chemistry
  • Food
  • Consumer Goods
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Airport
  • Metals and Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commodities
  • Retail and e-Commerce
  • Foreign Trade
  • Others

The Great Challenges

... in the decision-making process

  • High volatility of Business, Operations, Environmental and Markets Objectives.
  • Lack of foresight or visibility in terms of profitability.
  • Management of the Planning-Execution process based on Key Indicators (KPIs).
  • Lack of tools for decision making and scenario evaluation.
O Grande Desafio no Processo de Tomada de Decisão
• "Exceland".
• Mental models.
• Personal homemade tools.
Disconnected operational, environmental, and financial decisions.
Loss of opportunities due to poorly comprehensive and time-consuming analyses in their conclusions.
Low capacity to build business scenarios.
Decisions with low collaboration of a small group or department with monopoly of the decision.
Low capacity for new parameterizations, scope increase and processing scalability.
The Market Soutions
The Market Soutions

Main Uses

  • (Re) Value Chain Design (tactical-strategic)
  • Support to the recurrent process of Integrated Planning (F-S&OP and F-IBP) (tactical-strategic) and F-S&OE (tactical-operational)
  • Support to Market Intelligence & Competitiveness Processes
  • Biz Digital Twin Build Base
Main Uses

Important Features

Data integrity
Data integrity
Simultaneity in the decision-making process
Simultaneity in the decision-making process
High adherence to the Brazilian tax reality
High adherence to the brazilian tax-fiscal reality
Determination of Action Plan Adherent to Operations
Determination of action plan adherent to operations
Large Cast of Shelf Features for Current and Future Demands
Large cast of "shelf" features for current and future demands

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Our Solution

Op2B innovatively optimizes the financial-tax-environmental and operations pillars – and their consequent trade-offs - in its proprietary modeling-optimization computational platform called VCM Suite® with its derivations focused on some Vertical Markets: VCane® and VCFlour®.

VCane® and VCFlour® are specialized solutions for the sugar and® alcohol and food sectors, respectively, incorporating features that meet the specific demands of these verticals. Op2B, in turn, keeps up to date with market trends and changes in legislation, ensuring efficient solutions aligned with the needs of Customers.

Value Chain Management Tools
No Code (Drag-and-Drop)

Optimizing platform to support the decision-making process

VCM Suite®

VCM Suite
Note: Simultaneity in the complete optimization of operational and financial-tax variables.

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It is with great pride that we built, throughout our journey, a stable and lasting relationship with our Customers and Partners.