Originally inspired by the challenges and opportunities that Brazilian companies face in their Value Chains, which are often complex and considered unplanned, Op2B has been contributing for more than a decade to the capture of expressive, tangible and recurrent savings in the most diverse sectors of the economy.



With a team with international experience and decades of business pragmatism, Op2B innovatively optimizes fiscal-taxation in its proprietary modeling-optimization computing platform called VCM® Suite with its derivations focused on some vertical markets: VCane®,VCFlour® and OptPAX®. This integrated and simultaneous approach to other business dimensions (capacities, costs or revenues), from Suppliers to the Consumer Market, through production and logistics assets, capture the main trade‑offs of the business, maximizing its contribution margins or minimizing its costs.
Surveillance robot technologies and large data extractors available on the internet, statistical and big data techniques and machine learning, complete our unique integrated technological platform and methodology that has transformed our Customers’ Value Chains.
In our manufacturing business unit, dynamic process simulators mimic high-fidelity process units in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, thermo and hydroelectric industries.


Several vertical markets are served by our solutions, such as:

• Oil and Gas
• Petrochemicals and Chemistry
• Food and Consumer Goods
• Paper and Pulp
• Airport
• Metals and Mining
• Pharmaceutical
• Commodities
• Retail and e-Commerce
• Foreign Trade
• Others


It is with great pride that we built, throughout our journey,
a stable and lasting relationship with our Customers and Partners.

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